Is Anybody Upstairs?

by the animal upstairs

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released January 7, 2011


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the animal upstairs California

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Track Name: UPSTAIRS
Killer bees and orchids
Trying to find another
Lover as a flower
Another every hour
They said, “he’s got potential.
A semi-silent nature.
The lights are on, however,
from time-to-time i wonder…”

Is Anybody Upstairs?
I’m Flying Upstairs!
Is Anybody Upstairs?
Cuz I’m Flying Upstairs.

Up through my blue window
Framed in yellow cedar
Makes the grass look greener

Is Anybody Upstairs?
I’m Flying Upstairs!
Is Anybody Upstairs?
Track Name: CHERRY
C-train, Uptown.
Packed in, noon crowd.
Slight touch, my hand-
Glance up, you stand.
I spoke unclear,
“So strange, You’re here”.
Burn holes, your stare.
“Let’s Go”, you said, and We Went!

Sweet Dreams

Woke up. Full heart.
Deep breath. Head start.
Save up those things
I can’t say, I don’t speak.
Night air sets in.
Cold feet steppin’ (through the)
Back door (from the) Outside (I should)
Get Lost (I should) Make Milles, So….

(sweet dreams)
Track Name: A4ANXIETY
We Live outside of the machine.
the City’s air unfit to breathe.
The bitter taste is salty sweet-like
Powdered sugar and concrete.

A silhouette of you and me
Lit the light-polluted scene.
A boulevard for every tree
Christen cross-diagonal streets.
Pigeons wade and sift debris- with
Paper cranes and lift machines.
One thousand wings, together flap.
The sound of mother nature’s clap.

Ocean birds enjoy a lap - a
Theraputic oil bath -with
Plastic bags and manowars -that
Dance around the ocean floor
Pixies arc from copper vines
Hung in modernist design.
the Smokey sky is turning black
Amoung the piles of burning trash

Our pail of sin has sprung a leak!
Corral the shit into the sea!
And fill it up until it seeps
From the cracks that line the urban streets.
How we came to be
How you came to me
Oh, my heroine,
Was it just a dream?

How could there be somebody
That would pull me after
When I got my shoes on backwards?

I know you’d be somebody
That makes me Faster
You make me Faster!

With the lights of the traffic
It was all blurring past us
In the monster of racket.
Track Name: LAS VENUS (friends with drugs aren't your friends)
If you hold the bag, I’ll pay the front. (we’ll take)
Double doses, the Night is Young

Fawn and Fern surround the trees
Serotonin Summer Breeze

Oh, not again…

You own the bag, You bare the brunt- (you’re)
Doubled over, your Morning’s Hung

Skeletons grow from the Trees
Serotonin Summer Breeze
You held the bag, You paid the front.
Double Dose, the Night was Young.

They’re JUST the friends you didn’t need-
You fucking KID, you’ll wait and see-
You own the bag, You’ll bare the brunt.
Doubled Over, Morning’s Hung.

Oh, not again, No…
No, not again, Ohh….
Track Name: HEMLOCK
Building the nest, I select my Mate.
Spinning the web, I collect my Prey.
Live in a pack, Led by Strays.
Swing and Defend, I’ll protect your name.

Swimming the trench, Met by Waves.
Skimming the fence, Ascend the Gates.

Slip in the House, the Thrills we Crave
Digging around your Dresser trays.
Brimming offense, Crushed by Weight.
Leaving the den, I connect the names.

Swimming the trench, Met by Waves.
Skimming the fence, Ascend the Gates.
Ridding the Hounds, Our scent the Trace.
Live in a Pack, Led By Braves.
A smile on my face and a hawk on my arm.
Your eyes dialate as you walk through the door
A half-open dive, hanging with smoke
and Halogen light- you take off your coat

Were never safe and were never scared
So never fear! It’s Only Pretend. Only Pretend
Were never safe, and were never scared
You’ll never sleep, it’s all in your head!
All in your head

A grin on my face, a mirror on yours
You skin’s just like lace- a million pores
Pouring the scent- expensive perfume
Bottled and sealed inside of your room.
Track Name: FAIL & FALL
Oh, with the boundaries you abuse,
And the language that you use,
I found myslef asking myself
Just what I have to lose
Give or take, Just You.
and the pain that we persue.

Watch me Fail and Fall
but No One will Remain
Suit Yourself, we don’t need the help
Round here.